Why you're never too old for dance classes.

Why You’re Never Too Old for Dance Classes

Have you ever seen a young child dancing? They really feel the music, let their bodies take over and just dance. If you’ve witnessed this pure joy from a child maybe you have been compelled to take a few dance classes yourself. Don’t let the fact that you may not be a spring chicken stop you from exploring your inner child and joining a dance class! Greta Leeming Studio of Dance offers classes specifically for adults. Here are five reasons why you should join.

1. Health Benefits

It’s not a secret that exercise is important, especially as you start to age. Joining a dance class is a fantastic way to exercise. It not only gets your heart pumping during class, but there is a certain amount of practice you will need to do at home in order to keep up with the pace of the class.

2. Meet Like-Minded People Your Age

It’s not always easy to meet new friends when you lead the busy life of an adult. Joining a dance class is a fantastic way to meet people your age who share the love of dance and who are looking to get involved in a fun-filled class.

3. Discover New Talent or Rediscover Old Talent

There could be a burning desire deep within you to feed the old excitement of dancing from your younger years. Or maybe you have talent you were never able to discover and can tap into it by joining an adult dance class. Whatever your motivation for signing up is, let your passion be the driving force!

4. Overcome Performance Anxiety by Being Part of a Group

Not everyone is able to get up on stage and do a solo dance performance in front of a crowd. The great thing about joining an adult dance class is that everyone is learning together. Help yourself work towards overcoming any existing performance anxiety by dancing in a group and having support of those around you! It’s amazing what you can do when you have someone dancing beside you.

5. Have Something That is Just for You

Whether you are a parent, a spouse or just someone who wants something fun to do, dance classes can be a special personal thing just for you. If you come from a house full of obligations, it’s especially important to have something that acts as your getaway, as your escape. Sign up for a dance class and have something to look forward to each week!

Dancing is a part of all of us, whether we are ready for dancing for a living or strictly dancing in our living rooms with the blinds closed. Nurture your inner dance passion and join a class, you’re never too old to start dancing! Our adult dance classes are offered in tap, jazz/contemporary, and ballet for all experience levels. Want to try dancing on for size? Drop-in classes are available!

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