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Winter: More Time Inside Means More Time to Practice!

When winter hits, the harsh conditions and climate can convince you to stay put indoors. This makes some people antsy, but not dancers! Seasoned dancers know that more time inside means more time to practice! By utilizing this time indoors for improving your skills, you can get ahead of your competition come spring.

Here are 5 ways you can get the most out of your time this winter by improving your dance technique and skills.

Watch Dance Videos

There are lots of online professional dance videos that you can watch to help you learn new skills. And if you have any saved videos from your dance classes, now is a great time to go over them until they are memorized.

Create A Personal Dance Space

If there’s an empty room or unfinished basement in your home, you can easily turn this into a mini dance studio. This way you can practice every day, and at any time you like. All you need is some mirrors, a stereo, and a mat to get started.

Review Old Routines

Wintertime is a great time to stay inside and watch your old dance routines. Practicing these forgotten moves can improve your muscle memory and sharpen any abilities you haven’t used in a long time.

Learn How To Stretch For Success

To avoid injury and to improve your range of motion you need to start stretching. And winter is the perfect season to start carving out some time to learn how to stretch all your muscles properly. Take some time while watching your favourite show to do some productive stretching that will improve your flexibility to make you a better dancer, and give you more range of movement to nail those challenging dance moves.

Create A Winter Dance Troupe

You don’t have to practice alone this winter. If any of your fellow dance crew live in your area, why not create a winter dance troupe. You can get together to practice at one another’s home to learn new moves and work on routines. It’s an excellent way to spruce up an otherwise dull winter afternoon.

To become a professional dancer, you need to practice, practice, practice! And when you’re not dancing at home you can be learning at Greta Leeming studio. Our studio offers quality training and classes for all levels. Learn new moves and work on your technique through a variety of classes designed to be challenging and fun.