Why Do humans dance

Why Do Humans Dance?

Have you ever asked yourself, why do humans dance? It’s a question that can’t be easily answered. It’s an answer that is intertwined with human nature, tradition, and spontaneity. Yet, as we watch our students dance every day, we get a better sense of what brings them into our studio. This has given us some insight into answering this question, and a plausible explanation as to why humans dance and what makes it so addictive.


Our life is based on movement. Everything we do – even sleeping, involves movement. And movement also allows us to feel and act. Dance is simply another form of movement in a more explosive way.


We dance to express ourselves. Similar to clapping, we use dance to create a response to stimuli. For most of us, it’s a response to music, and for others, it’s simply a response to feeling good. Whenever we feel a certain way, we can use dance to project our emotions from deep within out into the world.


By taking movements and blending them together in routines to create stories and intriguing visual displays, dancers create art. Those who specifically love technical dance are driven by the love of mastering moves to create exciting, graceful, beautiful, outrageous, and thought-provoking visual impacts across the dance floor.


Traditionally, humans dance to celebrate. Our ancestors danced to celebrate a good harvest, to welcome rain, and to rejoice in life. Dance has always been part of our heritage and part of our community. A collection of movements that is memorized and past on from tradition to tradition just like how we pass on skills or stories.


Dance also allows us to connect with others. It creates a sense of togetherness, and allows us to feel closer to one another, in spirit and in mind. Through dance, we can show people how we feel and welcome them into our inner circle.


We also dance for health – to enhance our wellbeing by letting go, by reducing stress, and improving our mood. And for many of us, dance is a way to stay in shape, tone our bodies, and build strength.

We can dance anywhere, for any reason, but when you want to dance with more purpose and bring art to the stage, come see us at the Greta Leeming Studio of Dance. We offer a variety of exciting and fun classes for all age groups so you can express yourself.