Why ballet?

Why Ballet?

Ballet can be one of the most challenging and disciplined forms of dance a dancer can choose to pursue. It takes many years of discipline and practice to master the art of ballet. Ballet teaches the dancer more than just a beautiful dance, ballet teaches control over the entire body. If you are thinking about joining ballet, here are some of the practical skills you will learn and apply.


Speed can be slow or fast. Having the control to perform perfectly in both slow fluid movements and fast graceful movements is all part of the learned technique of ballet. Many ballet movements are done simultaneously with music that can change from slow to fast very quickly, and being able to maintain the necessary speed and not miss a step is part of the skill of ballet.  


Anyone who has watched a ballet dancer can agree that balance is integral to the dance. It takes great skill and strong balance for a ballet dancer to jump well in the air, gracefully spin and land cleanly on one leg. The required balance does not come without many hours of practice and many tumbles in attempts to perfect the dance.


Ballet dancers are typically small to look at, but they are incredibly strong. There is a tremendous amount of strength required to contour and hold your own body in various positions and release with the finesse of a professional dancer. Ballet dancers have strength equivalent to those who are twice their body size. It’s amazing how much strength can be packaged into an elegant, sleek looking dancer.  


An important element in most styles of dance is flexibility. This is very apparent in ballet as you see the dancers seamlessly move their bodies into very challenging positions. To really make it as a ballet dancer, you need to work relentlessly on flexibility. In order to increase flexibility, the dancer must stretch properly before every dance practice so as to minimize the chances of possible injury.

Ballet is a complex combination of speed, balance, strength and flexibility that when strategically brought together creates one of the most beautiful types of dance there is. A proper ballet dancer knows that dedication and practice are integral to success and that each element of the magical dance needs to be perfected in order to culminate in a perfect recital. If you are curious about ballet dancing and think it might be the right choice for you, contact the Greta Leeming Studio of Dance to find out how you can start the journey of ballet. Our ballet classes are based on the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus and open to students aged two and older.