Salute to Vienna New Year’s Concert

Salute to Vienna New Year’s Concert

For twelve years Ottawa has continued the tradition of hosting Salute to Vienna New Year’s Concert. This is a magical display of exceptional dance talent combined with incredible musicians which culminates into one of the most moving performances you will ever see.

Every year the National Arts Centre of Ottawa plays host to this world-renowned performance and residents come to experience the international talent that travels with the show. For many families, gathering to watch this special treat of a show is a long-standing holiday tradition.

Different types of dance expertly performed


Dancers have been dancing the waltz dating as far back as the 16th century. Over the many decades the dance has evolved and has picked up the pace making it a much faster dance than when first created. Watching skillful couples waltz around the stage is truly a treat as the dancers waltz with chemistry and poise. There are dozens of different types of waltz variations available for each couple’s interpretation.

Ballroom dancing

You will also enjoy ballroom dancing at the Salute to Vienna New Year’s Concert. Ballroom dancing is also a partner dance that is recognizable from many television and movie performances. Ballroom dancing also spans back to the 16th century and is now performed as a highly competitive dance all around the world.


Ballet is one of the most beautiful styles of dance to watch, and the Salute to Vienna New Year’s Concert features dancers from the Kiev-Aniko Ballet of Ukraine. The art of ballet was first classified in the 15th century and has gracefully evolved over the centuries to the beautiful majestic dance performed today.

The Perfect Gift

For the family that seems to have everything, give something that won’t be stored in a forgotten corner of an untouched room. Or for the person you know has a deep passion for the art of dance, give the gift of togetherness and the experience of talent that will be truly inspiring, especially to a budding young dancer.

Bring the whole family and celebrate the holidays by celebrating the passion of beautiful dance and magnificent musical talent. The Strauss Symphony of Canada will serenade and guide the dancers through their masterful performances. The entire evening is promised to be a night not soon forgotten and a wonderful tribute to the dances loved and cherished so deeply by so many people. Make the Salute to Vienna New Year’s Concert an anticipated event for your family each and every year.