Parent of a Dancer: The Unsung Hero

Parent of a Dancer: The Unsung Hero

Being the parent of a dancer is not an easy job. The actual dancers themselves have the challenging task of learning the choreography and performing on stage, but the parents are the hidden heroes behind the scenes. Without the dedication of their parents, the dancers may not have the ability to live up to their full dancing ability. Here are five ways that a parent is the true hero of any dance team.

At-Home Rehearsal

In order to succeed in the dance, the students must practice at home. Depending on the age of the student, this might require some input and reminding from mom and dad. Any dedicated dance parent knows the importance of practice and will try to instill a home practice routine as regularly as possible.

Costume Dedication

For every dance routine, there is typically a corresponding costume that goes along with it for the performance. The parents are responsible for purchasing the costumes each time which is quite a dedication to the cause of dance. Having the prescribed uniform is a significant part of a dance recital, and something no dancer can go without.

Attending All Practices

Just like hockey practice or piano lessons, dance has many scheduled practices in the studio. This means that parents must arrange their own schedules around their child’s dance practices. Practices can be any time on evenings and weekends, and parents need to adjust to their child’s class needs.

Encouraging a Healthy Lifestyle

Dance is an excellent source of exercise for people of all ages, and it is especially fantastic for children. Parents can take comfort in knowing that their children are up and moving their bodies and building muscles all as part of a healthy lifestyle. When children exercise regularly, they are building excellent healthy habits for their future, and the most fun form of exercise is of course to dance! Combine an energetic lifestyle with a healthy diet, and you are setting your children up for a fantastic future.

Ensuring School Work is Taken Care Of

Parents understand that dance is part of their children’s lives, possibly a huge part. However, parents also understand that school work is important and must not be neglected. No matter how invested in dance a child is, it’s the job of the parent to remind them to stay focused on their studies and achieve the best grades they can.

Dance is a family activity, even if the whole family is not on stage at the end of the year. The shining moment for any parent of a dancer is when they see the joy on their child’s face as they proudly perform for those who have supported them all along. Parents are the true unsung heroes of dancers!