A Look at the Classes We Provide

A Look at the Classes We Provide

Dancing is one of the most therapeutic ways to stay in shape and have some fun while learning something new. Expressing yourself and letting out all that tension that gets built up during the day is what makes dance classes so appealing. If you’re eager to get in on the fun this year, here’s a look at the classes we provide here at the Greta Leeming Studio of Dance.


Jazz dance is one of the most vibrant forms of dance. This style of dance combines an array of different genres, including classical ballet techniques mixed with American pop, African and Celtic influences. Jazz dance is meant to be energetic and fun, and the best part is that every individual can interpret and execute moves according to their own wishes, which makes it fun for everyone. Our jazz dance classes are tailored to both recreational and competitive dancers, with ADAPT certified professionals leading the training.

Our Combo Tap/Jazz classes are suitable for ages 4 and up.


Similar to jazz dance, tap has a sharper focus on the footwork. Students will learn how to use and integrate the sounds of their tap shows as a form of percussion during their dancing. This is offered in combination with our jazz dance and follows an ADAPT syllabus as well.


Ballet is a classic, formal and elegant form of dance. It combines specific techniques like dancing en pointe and foot rotations, and it tells a story, which is what makes it one of the most beautiful dancing styles. At our studio, all our classes are based on the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus (RAD), which is the world’s largest examining and teaching organization of classical ballet. Both recreational and professional students are welcome.

Our ballet classes welcome student from age 2 and up.

Lyrical/ Contemporary

This program includes a variety of different, vibrant styles of dance, including jazz, lyrical, classical ballet and modern. Expressive movement, emotion, and storytelling are all key components that dominate this program. Students enrolling are required to take jazz or ballet in the same term in order to learn proper techniques that aren’t included in lyrical and contemporary teachings.

We welcome students age 6 and up.

Hip Hop

This urban dance genre has become increasingly popular over the years thanks to the popularity of commercial dance. It blends music styles with choreographed dance moves that are high energy and fun.

We welcome students between the ages of 8-12.

Adult Dance Classes

If you’re worried that you might get stuck with a class full of kids, don’t be! We offer a wide range of classes – ballet, tap, jazz, barre, and even yoga, that are specifically tailored to adults only. Drop-in classes are available for each.

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