How To Learn Choreography Faster

How to Learn Choreography Faster

Learning choreography isn’t easy for everyone. Not only do you need to use your memory to learn the moves, but you also need to transfer the moves to your muscle memory. Training yourself to get it in your head before you direct it to your body takes practice and by learning how to master this knowledge can help you learn choreography faster. So, if you’ve been trying to improve your skill for absorbing choreography, check out these tried and tested tips that can help you nail down the sequences fast.

Watch First

Start by carefully watching the instructor perform all the moves. Pay particular attention to the movements and transitions between each move. And don’t forget to record the routine on video so you can take it home and study it in more detail.

Picture The Steps In Your Mind

The more you play the choreography in your mind, the easier it will be for you to transfer the moves to your body. Watch the video over and over, until you can picture each step in your mind. Only once you can clearly see the whole dance in your head should you start to learn the routine with your body.

Think Of It As A Story

The best way to learn choreography faster is by picturing the moves as a story that is broken up into a few distinct phases. Creating short phases that are part of a bigger story will assist you to transfer the moves to your muscle memory more easily.

Transfer It To Your Body In Phases

Once you have the whole dance memorized in phases, try out each one with your body, slow and steadily. As you master each phase and absorb the proper technique, move onto the next one until you have each phase memorized.

Walk Through It

Once you have learned all the phases, the next step is to try the dance in its entirety. The best way to do this is by walking through all the steps first. This act simply creates more awareness to the movements and accelerates your muscle memory. So, take it slow at first and then start to build up speed once you have perfected the techniques.


To ensure you have fully mastered each move, you need consistency and repetition. And doing a lot of early repetition will quickly allow the moves to sink into both your mind and body. For the first week practice it every day, and go through the moves in your head before you go to sleep. This will help you memorize it until it starts to become second nature.

You can learn choreography faster just by working through the movements in your mind first before committing them to muscle memory. The more you practice these steps, the more it will become a habit, and the faster you will learn choreography in the future.