Registration will be only available online in order to streamline processing registrations and minimize in-person contact. Please view our registration processes page for more information on registering you or your dancer in classes for the upcoming term.


Masks are MANDATORY for everyone during pick up, drop-off and while they are in any studio common areas such as hallways, and bathrooms.

As of January 1st, masks are mandatory for all dancers during class.

Teachers will be wearing masks at all times.


If you have travelled outside of Canada (air or land travel) or if you have been on any flight within the last 14 days of your class we ask that you stay out of the studio. Please disclose any travel outside of Ontario or any area that has a high COVID rate. I am trusting everyone to be forthcoming with any travel that they have taken. COVID has hit our GLS family closely and we are trying to create the most safe place for us to get back to dance.


Daily waivers must be completed by each family on days they were entering the studio. This waiver is available outisde the studio doors via QR code, or by clicking the button below.

Drop Off/Pick Up Procedures

Drop Off and Pickup for all dancers (regardless of studio) is at the front door (plaza side). Please park in the lot and wait for your dancer outside to avoid congestion.

Dancers are to come dressed and will enter the studio one by one. No parents allowed in-studio at this time for dancers over the age of 6, no siblings allowed in the studio at this time.* Dancers will sanitize hands upon entering and exiting the studio and before and after using the washroom.

We are limiting studio access to parents of dancers under the age of 6 (with the exception of 3-4 year ballet) due to the congestion in the hallways during the first week of classes. You are welcome to come in to drop your dancer off, however we ask that you leave the studio for the duration of the class. Pick up will be outside the studio at the designated pick up location (Merivale Road entrance). Our staff will be sure each child is delivered directly to the parent.

Please be at the studio 5-10 minutes early so all dancers can be processed before classes start. To avoid congestion in the hallways between classes, please do not enter the studio more than 10 minutes before your class.

Entering the Studio

All students will have a designated space to leave their outdoor shoes and bags and will be given a plastic bin for what they need to bring inside the dance studio for class. We ask that dancers only bring NECESSARY items for the evening such as dance shoes, a ziploc bag for their mask, nut-free snacks (must be sealed in a ziploc bag/container) and LOTS of water. ALL electronic devices (such as cell phones) must also be kept in a sealed ziploc bag for the night. We ask that dancers bring only the essentials in a small bag, whenever possible, to avoid congestion in the hallway.

If dancers have a break between classes, they are to wait on the marked benches in the hallway.

Squares have been taped out on our dance floors to adhere to physical distancing guidelines. Changerooms will be open with very limited availability for those who need to change between classes. We ask that dancers come dressed for their first class whenever possible and not linger or socialize in the changeroom.

Please bring snacks pre-wrapped or in a sealed container. The microwave will not be available for dancers to use.

Dress Code

The dress code remains the same as previous years, however we recommend that dancers in multiple classes per night wear convertible tights.

Studio Class Size Limits

In order to ensure proper distancing between dancers, we have taped each of the studios into 6’x6′ squares. The following are class sizes maximums for each studio:
Studio 1/2: 14 dancers
Studio 3: 12 dancers
Studio 4: 10 dancers
Studio 5: 5 dancers
Studio 6: 23 dancers, but maxed out based on class guidelines

Physical Distancing & Sanitization

No dancers will come in physical contact with one another and will maintain 6 feet apart from others AT ALL TIMES.

We have adapted new cleaning protocols. Washrooms will be cleaned throughout the evening and stereos and barres will be cleaned in between classes and teachers. The entire studio will be disinfected each evening. All dancers will be required to apply hand sanitizer upon entry and exit of the studio, as well as before and after using the washroom. We encourage dancers to bring a personal bottle of hand sanitizer with them to use at the studio, however hand sanitizer will be available.

Drop In Classes

There are no drop-ins allowed at this time. An update on drop-in availability and processes will be available once the term has started.

Office Hours

We will not be holding in-person office hours at this time. If you need to contact the office, we are available by email and phone.

Moving Virtually

Should the need for stricter social distancing be required again, the majority of our classes will be moved online. Classes that will not be moved online may include: Some Jazz and Tap classes, and the pointe portion of our ballet classes. Refunds or credits will not be given for classes that have moved virtually. Credits will be given for classes that are not able to move virtually, however no refunds will be given.

Contingency Planning

Should an outbreak occur at our studio or in our larger studio bubble, we will follow Public Health’s direction with regards to closing the studio temporarily, moving virtually, and contact tracing.

Feeling Unwell?

We do not want anyone coming into the studio if they are feeling unwell. If your dancer is feeling under the weather, please let us know as soon as possible that they will not be in class.

Dancers and staff that show ANY symptoms upon arrival or at ANY POINT during the evening, will be sent home 🙁

If you or your dancer do not meet the requirements to attend school/work that day, they should not be coming to dance.

If anyone receives a message from OPH that they were exposed and therefore need to be quarantined/tested, that individual can only return to dance upon receiving a negative result. In addition, GLS will also ask anyone in their household to not return to the studio until the above criteria has been met.

It is imperative to be transparent with regards to any possible exposures and/or warnings directed to your household by public health. Many members of our GLS family are at higher risk, and we want to ensure the studio is a safe space for everyone.