happy young couple dancing in kitchen

Get Healthy With Dance

Dancing can be an excellent way to achieve whole body health. You don’t have to be professionally trained or incredibly flexible to get started. Whether it involves dancing in your own living room, or joining a class – it’s one of the best ways to have some fun while burning away calories. Stamina, flexibility, strength and coordination are all essential elements that are intertwined into just about every type of dance. If you’ve been searching for a fun way to get healthy, here are a few of the different types of dance that can help!


The delicate, poised and focused movements of ballet make it the perfect way to introduce some gentle exercise into your routine. Ballet focuses on improving posture, flexibility, and strength, with a focus on the lower body and core.

Hip Hop

Hip hop is an excellent cardio workout that is both quick and high energy. A great style for both beginners and advanced dancers, and with classes suited to all different levels, you don’t need to be worried about how you’ll fit in. The dance moves focus on building your core, focusing on your hips and waist. Plus, it’s a great combination workout for your arms and legs. You can get healthy fast with this style of dancing, while improving your coordination.

Lyrical and Contemporary

Lyrical and contemporary dance encourages you to express your emotions through free-flowing movements. Whether fast pace or slow, you get to control the speed and intensity of your performance. It’s a complete cardio workout that also engages your entire body, similar to ballet, which can involve many big sweeping movements.


Similar to contemporary dance, jazz dancing also encourages each dancer to develop their own individual style and movement. With a focus on originality, jazz dancing incorporates big leaps, quick turns, and fancy footwork in an energetic, fun environment.


With a focus on the lower body, the sharp, quick footwork required for tap dance makes every performance another great cardio workout. Tap requires much practice, but is one of the most popular forms of dance. Working on tap routines can improve your stamina and your coordination tremendously.

Let’s face it – dancing is a whole lot more fun than running on the treadmill or pumping iron. It’s an excellent way to build muscle and reduce fat. Plus, you get the benefits of improved flexibility, coordination, and confidence. It’s a one-stop shop for overall enhanced health and well-being!