Why Enroll Your Child in Dance Classes?

Why Enroll Your Child in Dance Classes?

Dancing is one of the best ways to get your child the exercise they need to lead a healthy lifestyle. Dancing is fun, energetic, creative, challenging and also cultivating. With all of these and many more qualities combined, dancing keeps students engaged in their progress while having fun being active. And through understanding of poise and posture, it helps children develop into confident, composed and sophisticated adults. When you’re considering how to get your child active and engaged, here’s why you should enroll your child in dance class.


Boost Self-Esteem and Confidence

Children can gain a sense of accomplishment and achievement through dance. For shy and extroverted children, executing difficult dance moves, and competing publicly can help them break out of their shell and gain more confidence in their actions.


Improves Social Development

Dance class also encourages children to move around and communicate with one another. This helps to build their social development as they learn to cooperate and work together to problem solve and execute choreography. These skills can help them excel in teamwork in the future.


Teaches Discipline

Dancing isn’t easy, it requires a lot of focus and concentration to learn new moves and perfect their form. It takes a significant amount of discipline to learn, practice, and master new moves and routines. Through dance, your child will learn to set goals and achieve them through hard work and dedication.


Promotes Fitness

Dancing is an excellent form of fitness as it works both the cardiovascular system and muscular system. It also helps to build flexibility and strength, while developing better posture and alignment. Dancing for even a brief period each day can help your child get the necessary exercise they need to live healthier lives.


Encourages Creativity

Through movement and music, children can learn to express themselves creatively. This provides them with the ability to think outside of the box and to try new and exciting things. By exploring their interests through play and creativity, dance can teach children to be more adaptive, flexible and better problem solvers.


Releases Steam

Kids hold stress and energy differently than adults. Letting them release built up tension or energy through dance, is an excellent way to help them balance their inner mental state. Learning to control stress and finding a healthy outlet is a very important skill to master into adulthood.

Most importantly, dance is fun and exciting for all ages. Allowing your children the chance to explore their creativity and let loose while having fun, is a reward in its own. Check out Greta Leeming for a full list of classes offered throughout September.