Dance recital: How to shake off nerves

Dance Recital: How to Shake Off Nerves

Whether you are ten years old or fifty years old, or somewhere in between, it’s normal to be nervous right before a dance recital. Even professional dancers who dance for a living can get stage fright before a big performance. There are ways that dancers can combat their shaky nerves and pump themselves up for a great recital, here are a few fun examples.

Do a Fun Dance, Wiggle, and Giggle Session Privately Beforehand

Get your heart rate going and your adrenaline pumping by stepping aside and just letting loose. Blast your favourite song and let your body do all of the work. By pumping yourself up and loosening your muscles, you are better preparing yourself to dance in front of other people. Dancing for fun on your own is also a fantastic personal reminder why you love to dance and why you signed up in the first place.

Have a Little Sugar

Another way to get your blood flowing is to have a little burst of energy by way of sugar. Do not overdo it because sugar is not healthy for you in large amounts, but having a little jolt of energy right before you are about to perform can be a way to calm your nerves and jazz you up for your recital.

Talk with Your Team

Chances are you aren’t the only one who is experiencing a little bit of pre-recital anxiety. If you are dancing with a team, voice your concerns to your team and ask for support. A team of dancers can provide an excellent boost of positivity and the energy can be infectious! Don’t hide your nerves, ask for help defeating them.

Get Yourself a Pep Talk

Whether you are dancing solo or dancing with a team, you can be your biggest downfall or your biggest inspiration. If you choose to tell yourself “yes I can!” instead of “oh, I don’t think I can,” then you are empowering yourself to do your best. Remind yourself that you have been practicing and that you are ready to show them what you’ve got. Fill yourself with positive energy and allow instinct to take over.

Dance for Those You Love

If nerves have started to take over and you’re worried about embarrassing yourself in front of a crowd, locate your family and lock eyes with them. Chances are they have seen you perform your routine before and they know you can do it. Sure, there could be hundreds of people in the audience, but if you are dancing only for a select few then you may feel at ease with the crowd.

Dance is meant to be fun and challenging. Part of the challenge can be the performance. Don’t let nerves stop you from doing what you love. Work on different techniques to shake off your nerves and enjoy the dance recital you have worked so hard to perform!