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What is “Contemporary” Dance?

There are many different types of dance classes that you can choose from. One of the most popular styles around the globe is contemporary dance. It’s been performed by some of the most admired dancers, and seen on popular dance TV shows like “So You Think You Can Dance.” Yet, it’s still the most misunderstood dance technique, as it doesn’t follow any strict rules like ballet. Instead, it focuses on flow, movements, emotions, and stories.

To get a closer look at what contemporary dance is all about, here are some of the elements that have made it one of the most widespread dance styles in the world.

Freedom of Movement

Contemporary dance is focused on expression and freedom of movement. It often breaks the conventional rules of dancing and is known to be a raw form of dance. When dancers perform contemporary, they use their bodies and minds to create a combination of flowing and explosive dance moves that portrays a particular feeling and tells an elaborate story.

Combined Techniques

Choreographed pieces often contain a number of different elements and styles. You will find a number of techniques in contemporary dance that are mainly incorporated from ballet, modern, jazz, and lyrical.

Advanced Floor Work

Contemporary focuses on advanced floorwork and using gravity to pull the dancers down to the floor. The routines will often use the entire stage to create interesting shapes and patterns. And the moves will often employ fall and recovery, improvisational, contact and release, as well as strong legwork.

Expressive Music

The music selection is also very important to contemporary dance. The song will help to set the mood and tone of the performance. Dancers will then strive to connect their bodies to the music to tell their story, creating sharp and abrupt motions or long and fluid movements.

Natural Tone

Contemporary dancers allow their bodies to express their innermost natural feelings freely. This natural and raw tone will also be reflected in the apparel, makeup, and costumes. Often soft ballet slippers or bare feet will be preferred, and many of the costumes will be loose and free-flowing.

Versatile Form

Dancers who like freedom in their routine, prefer contemporary dance. They are allowed to improvise, create their own moves, and express themselves in movement.

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