Why Choose Dance over Going to the Gym?

Why Choose Dance over Going to the Gym?


Looking for a creative way to burn some calories without having to go the gym? Many of us can relate to paying those gym fees and not going nearly enough to make it worth that monthly fee. The secret to keeping trim and staying in shape is to find something that you actually enjoy doing and want to participate in. That’s where dance can help. You can trade in your running shoes for dance shoes, as you sweat off those calories and learn a new skill.

So, why choose dance over gym memberships? Here are a few good reasons.


A Whole Body Workout

Forget about leg day, core day, or arm day. With dance you get a full body workout. No matter what type of dance you’re eager to learn, the movement and techniques engage your muscles and keep pace to boost cardio, too.


Your Level of Skill Doesn’t Matter

Whether you’re completely new to dance and just looking to have fun, or are serious about getting into the competitive mode – the type of training that’s involved is fast, fun, and effective for each level. You can whip through a dance routine for beginners or advanced and still feel that burn.


Let Loose

An important component of dance is getting to express yourself and let loose.

You can explore something that you may never have thought to try prior to having the motivation of enjoying exercise. Plus, inside a gym it can often feel like a critical and judgemental environment, which can be enough of a deterrent to avoid.


Increase Flexibility and Reduce Injury

Dance is also a gentle form of exercise that not only targets more muscles groups than gym equipment, but it also helps to improve flexibility, which aids in reducing the likelihood of injury.


Enjoy With Your Partner

You may have trouble convincing your significant other to go to the gym with you, but dancing can get them engaged and excited to get off of the couch. You can twirl across the dance floor, learning a new skill and spending quality time together.

Dancing is an excellent form of exercise. Each and every form of dance and level gets your entire body moving, engages each of your muscle groups and improves flexibility. So if you’ve been searching for that perfect way to shed weight and have fun, dancing could be the right fit for you. When you’re ready to take on the world of dance, contact the Greta Leeming Studio of Dance to get started.