traits to learn from dance classes

5 Traits Your Child Can Learn from Dance

Enrolling your child in dance classes provides them with more than just the ability to nurture a passion for dance. It can be an incredible educational force in your child’s life for many different life lessons. Here are five traits your child is likely to learn from taking dance classes.


Receiving instructions from a teacher at a young age can be a challenging task. Some students start classes as early as three years old, and at that age it’s hard getting a child to listen to their parent let alone their teacher! Learning obedience from your dance teacher is an important trait as the child develops into a more mature dancer.


Getting back up if you fall down is sometimes a difficult lesson to learn. In dance classes there is lots of falling down. With guidance from teachers and other students in their class, children quickly learn that perseverance is the only way they will master the challenge at hand. Dancers will often develop this positive attitude as they continue to challenge themselves and learn new things!

Hard work pays off!

There’s nothing quite like getting praise for your hard work! Children who are in dance classes get to see all of their hard work and practice pay off at the end of the year by performing their dance routines at recitals and competitions. Being able to showcase what they have learned and prove to themselves that they can do whatever they set their minds to is a wonderful milestone for any child.


Dance can be a team sport, and as a result you learn excellent teamwork skills while enrolled in dance classes. Being able to dance and flow as a team involves excellent communication and attention to detail skills. It’s important that all members of a dance team work together to ensure everyone is in sync!


Dancing can be fun but it can also be incredibly hard work. It involves a large amount of discipline to hold a pose and point your toes all at the right times. Learning what your music cues are for certain dance moves and remembering the choreography for every song is no easy feat. You will find that dancers tend to be quite disciplined in many areas of their lives even off the dance floor.

There are so many positive reasons why children should be part of a dance studio. Give your child the chance to shine and develop on and off the dance floor!