Tips for Taking Online Dance Classes

If you’ve taken a dance class online before, you’re probably aware of some of the challenges learning virtually can bring. Spotty connections, not enough physical space, and interruptions from family members can easily affect how much you learn from the class. After teaching, spectating, and dancing in a month worth of classes, here are our tips for making the most of your online dance classes.

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Winter: More Time Inside Means More Time to Practice!

When winter hits, the harsh conditions and climate can convince you to stay put indoors. This makes some people antsy, but not dancers! Seasoned dancers know that more time inside means more time to practice! By utilizing this time indoors for improving your skills, you can get ahead of your competition come spring. Here are Read more about Winter: More Time Inside Means More Time to Practice![…]


7 Tips for Your Ballet Audition

Just the word “audition” is enough to make some dancers tense up. But they are necessary, and even though they seem stressful, it can be a wonderful way to take your dancing to the next level and show everyone what you’re made of. So instead of feeling stressed out every time someone says “audition” follow Read more about 7 Tips for Your Ballet Audition[…]


5 Traits that Make a Great Dancer

Some people are just innately born with traits and abilities that allow them to do magnificent things. Whether you’re a dancer, visual artist, musician, or in a completely different type of industry, different characteristics and skills provide certain people with the ability to accelerate in their particular field, almost effortlessly because of certain intrinsic features. Read more about 5 Traits that Make a Great Dancer[…]

Beyond the Studio: Improving Your Dance Skills at Home

Beyond the Studio: Improving Your Dance Skills at Home

Practice makes perfect when it comes to just about anything – especially dance. And while you can learn all the necessary skills in the studio, practicing outside of the classroom is what will really help your dancing excel. But improving your dance skills at home takes discipline and focus. To learn how to take your Read more about Beyond the Studio: Improving Your Dance Skills at Home[…]