Dance partners

Are You a Good Dance Partner?


Learning routines with a dance partner can be a great way to develop new techniques and movements, while encouraging each other to work on improving skills. But it’s important to mindful that before you can truly hit the dance floor at peak performance, there must be a good relationship between both partners to build that foundation of trust. If you’re unsure if you’re a good dance partner, here some key points that will help you improve.


Always Be Respectful

Whether you feel frustrated about a routine, or have some critical comments to voice, always be respectful about how you express yourself to each other. Maintaining that level of respect is important for the relationship to thrive. When it comes to critiquing or making a comment, always make it constructive and respectful to avoid confrontation.


Know Each Other’s Roles

Even if your partner is the leader, you should know their role and movements off by heart. It’s important to know your roles thoroughly to improve response time and nail down each movement. But by knowing exactly how, where, and what your partner is going to do next, gives you the necessary time to easily position yourself each and every time correctly.


Make Practice a Mutual Priority

As a dancing duo, you should be equally committed to mastering your dance routine. If you’re not taking it as serious as your partner, or vice-versa, then you could be holding each other back from truly succeeding.

When it comes to dance, practice is the crucial ingredient. Practicing together is necessary so you can build strength, endurance, and also so that don’t have to rely on your partner to remind you of what to do and when. Taking reasonability of your role and technique is crucial to succeed as a dance partner.


Learn to Communicate

Good communication must be present among dance partners. Using constructive criticism isn’t going to do much if you don’t feel comfortable communicating with your partner. Learn to speak up and encourage each other to feel comfortable discussing any issues that might be swept under the rug, which can hinder your entire performance.

As a dance partner, it’s important to take responsibility for your role. By learning to effectively and respectively communicate with each other and remain on a mutual level of commitment to practicing your techniques, you can become a fantastic dance partner in no time.