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7 Tips for Conquering Stage Fright

There comes a time in every dancer’s life when they will need to perform on stage. But it’s not always an easy task for some. The stomach knots, butterflies, and anxiety can all feel like too much to handle sometimes. So how do you overcome your fear?

Here are seven tips for conquering stage fright that every dancer should try for a more relaxing and enjoyable performance.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Knowing your moves off-by-heart can help to eliminate any fears right off the top. The more you practice, the more confident you will feel on stage.

Videotape Each Performance

Most dancers get nervous about missing a move or forgetting a step during their performance. You can reduce this common fear by videotaping each performance and then taking detailed notes afterward. By correcting what you did wrong before your next performance, you can master your moves and greatly reduce your anxiety levels.

Focus Above The Audience

One way to alleviate your jitters is to avoid looking directly at the audience until you feel comfortable on stage. By looking above the audience or to the back where the sound and lighting crew are, you are more likely to forget that the audience is even there, which can help you feel more relaxed.

Use Positive Self Talk

Telling yourself how great of a dancer you are before your show can help you gain the confidence you need right before you step out on stage. Reward yourself for coming so far in your skill and remind yourself of all the praise you’ve received after a performance.

Practice Power Poses

Scientific research has shown that you can gain more confidence and ease your nerves by practicing power poses before a performance. Adopting body language of powerful people can increase the testosterone in your body, which can promote more confidence.  To engage in a power pose, stand with your hands on your hips like wonder woman, with your chest posed outwards, and head lifted slightly. Maintain this position for two minutes for the best results.