7 Tips for Ballet Students

When you’re a ballet student, you need to prepare for more than just an amazing dance class. Ballet is also about keeping on top of your attire, physical appearance like with posture, and of course, your health. So before your next class, check out these seven tips for ballet students that can help you rise to the top.

Check Your Attire

Make your life easier – check the night before class that your dance clothes are clean and ready to wear. Then pack your bag with your uniform, shoes, and any else that you may need in advance. Never leave it to the morning of – you may forget some of the key items that are necessary.

Avoid Jewellery

Before class remove any watches, necklaces, rings, and earrings. This will ensure you don’t cut yourself or another dancer during class.

Pack a Snack

Ballet can take up a lot of energy when you’re practicing routines. And to ensure you don’t fizzle out during the middle of it, make sure you pack a healthy, energizing snack that you can have on the way to class. A balanced snack of carbohydrates, protein, and fats will keep you going for hours. Nuts are a great option for this.

Bring Your Emergency Gear

Most studios will carry everything you need in case you have an accident. But in your dance bag you should also carry some items like extra toe pads, tape, antibiotic, band-aids, small sewing kit, manicure kit, and pain relievers in case you need them during class.

Give Your Shoes Drying Time

To get the most out of your pointe shoe, you must allow the perspiration to evaporate and dry completely. It’s best to have more than one pair if you dance every day, as drying can take as long as up to 36 hours.

Use Steam to Mold Your Shoes

To reduce pain, you can mold the hard box to the shape of your toes. By holding your shoe over a pot of boiling water, the steam will soften the shoes making it more malleable so you can easily mold them to your feet.

Dress to Impress

Part of the ballet culture is to present a tidy, put-together appearance. This means tight hair buns, clean clothes, and great posture. Don’t forget to pack all your hair ties, hairspray, deodorant, and body spray that will allow you to shine in class.

At Greta Leeming Studio of Dance, we want you to shine and become the dancer that you dream of. Our classes and staff can show you how you can take your dancing to the next level, whether you want to dance for just fun or professionally.