7 Tips for Your Ballet Audition

Just the word “audition” is enough to make some dancers tense up. But they are necessary, and even though they seem stressful, it can be a wonderful way to take your dancing to the next level and show everyone what you’re made of. So instead of feeling stressed out every time someone says “audition” follow these 7 tips to up your game and get excited about your ballet audition.

Change Your State

Instead of seeing the audition as being something painful to endure, consider all the pleasure it will bring.  Redirect those negative thoughts and focus on what the audition can bring to you – a chance to improve your skills, a chance to show off, a chance to enter an excellent training program, and a chance to move forward in your dancing. The more you can change your thoughts to positive ones, the more motivated and excited you will be for the audition.

Look Your Best

For you to get noticed among all the other students, you need to stand out. That means looking as professional as possible, with the sharpest looking dancewear, styled hair, and well-groomed nails. If you hold yourself as a professional and bring forth your positive and determined attitude, you will shine through.

Prepare in Advance

Don’t just walk in unprepared, spend the week before training hard every day. But don’t overdo it – make sure you give your body enough time to recover from each workout. You want to perfect all your dance techniques but also avoid ending up with an unexpected injury. Practice hard but play safe.

Embrace Healthy Habits

In the weeks leading up to your ballet audition, make sure to create a healthy regimen. This means three meals a day of balanced fats, proteins, and carbohydrates at every meal. And avoid alcohol, sugar, and excess fat that can deprive your body of energy that you need to train well. You also want to be able to give it your all when the audition comes up, so focus on eating healthy before you head out for your audition and enjoy lots of water to keep hydrated.

Expect the Unexpected

It’s not uncommon to forget important things when you’re under stress and focusing heavily on remembering your dance moves and technique. That’s why you should prepare an emergency kit in case of any unforeseen incidents. Pack an extra pair of tights, leotard, sewing kit, nail clippers, scissors, toe pads, band-aids, pain relievers, and tampons. And don’t leave it to the day of – pack the night before, so you’re properly prepared come audition day.

Review the Requirements

Even if you have gone to hundreds of auditions before, always read over the audition requirements. This way you won’t miss on any crucial requirements like bringing photographs of yourself along with an audition fee. You may also be required to follow a strict dress code, so make sure you review the requirements in advance and follow the guidelines carefully.

Do Something Relaxing Before

To help ease your nerves, do a relaxing activity beforehand. Take a nice hot long bath or read a book outside. Get your body into a relaxation zone that will guide your mind and body to be more at ease, focused, and better at producing the results you want during audition time.

Your ballet audition doesn’t have to be scary or painful – it should be something fun and exciting you look forward to. Focus on your love of dance and your technique will shine through.