dancing boy

7 Reasons Why Boys Should Dance

Thanks to popular television shows that have showcased talented male dancers, celebrities, and athletes taking to the stage, dance has become more popular than ever amongst boys. The combination of strength training, honed skill, and coordination makes dance one of the best ways to stay active while having fun for any age or gender. Dance is inclusive to us all and that’s why it’s one of the greatest reasons why boys should get involved with dance lessons as well!

Builds Strength and Coordination

Dancing works muscle groups and builds stamina. It also helps to build coordination and strengthens one’s attention to detail. It can be a true workout in itself as each move can involve lifting and supporting other dancers. Dance also helps build up fitness levels and strength that can be beneficial in other sports and activities.

Improves Posture

The movement involved in various types of dance helps build up the core muscles needed to keep your posture upright and strong. Having good posture improves overall spine conditions and proper alignment of the body, while reducing your chance of straining muscles.

Builds Confidence

Depending on your child’s level of engagement with dance, it can also eventually involve competition and performance. Being put in the public eye helps overcome fear of public engagement, while encouraging each dancer to gain a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Allows Self Expression

Dancing also encourages one to express emotion and passion more openly as it enhances performance. This is particularly great for boys since our society so often promotes the masculinity of repressing emotions, which can be unhealthy.

Improves Overall Health

By stimulating the brain through coordination, along with incorporating stretching and flexibility throughout the body, dancing can help improve the overall health of both the body and mind. Plus, it’s fun and rewarding, and allows students to learn about discipline and creative expression.

Teaches Team Work

Working together with a partner or as a dance group helps build communication and respect in achieving a goal. This can help set the stage towards future ambitions and growth when it comes to working with others in a team setting.

Provides Opportunity

Dancing opens many doors that may never have existed without the perseverance, accomplishments, and skills acquired through each session. It seeks to not only build strength in the body, but also to improve the entire strength of each dancer as individuals when they leave the dance floor and head out into the world.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why boys should dance. And what will be most attractive is the ability to build physical and mental strength, preparing them to become strong and confident men in the future. Just remember that dancing has no barriers. The stereotypes of yesteryear are being dissolved, opening up more doors for boys in the industry.