Tips to Avoid Dance Injuries

6 Tips to Avoid Dance Injuries

One of the biggest fears of being a dancer is having a devastating injury that can impact your career or take away your outlet of dance. But you can easily reduce your chances of a dance-related injury if you take the necessary precautions and steps before, during, and after your dance sessions. Here we outline some of the best tips you can follow to help keep you dancing for years to come.

Warm Up and Cool Down

Stretching before you begin a dance session is important to prepare your body and get all of your muscles and joints loosened and warmed up. It will also help to increase your range of motion and prevent injuries. In between dance routines, you should also stretch while you rest to avoid your body from stiffening up and prevent exhaustion from setting in.

Wear Proper Shoes

Shoes make the all the difference in dance. Proper dance shoes help to support your feet and distribute your weight load accurately so you don’t have a resulting injury. Before you start any type of dance, make sure your shoes are fitted for the particular style of dance you are performing.

Don’t Overdo It

Dancing for too long causes exhaustion and often leads to fractures, shin splits and sprains. Limit your dance sessions to half an hour – every three days when starting. Once your body is more adapted to the training, work your way up to longer and more frequent sessions.

Weight Train

Building muscle strength can help reduce the risk of dance injuries. Focus on building your back, core and leg muscles. Most injuries are caused by weak muscles in these areas that cause further risk to other areas of your body, like the spine.

Learn the Proper Techniques

Technique isn’t just important for visual effect but also to prevent injury. Poor technique can cause injury to your soft tissues and bones as well as cause strain to your muscles.

Rest Existing Injuries

If you have an existing injury make sure you rest it, and only return back to the dance studio after it has been properly healed. Aggravating an injury could not only make it worse but could result in surgery, potentially ruining your dance career.

Don’t have your passion for dance or career swept away from you by an avoidable injury. Use theses easy to follow tips above to keep your body healthy and ready to hit the floor!