5 Traits that Make a Great Dancer

Some people are just innately born with traits and abilities that allow them to do magnificent things. Whether you’re a dancer, visual artist, musician, or in a completely different type of industry, different characteristics and skills provide certain people with the ability to accelerate in their particular field, almost effortlessly because of certain intrinsic features. If you’re wondering whether you possess the traits that make a great dancer, here are some of the highlighted ones to recognize.


Motivation & Determination

What motivates you? Is it the idea of becoming the dancer you’ve dreamed of since you were little? Or is it your desire to simply do something that you love? Finding your motivation allows you to tap into your determination for pursuing the success and life that you want as a dancer. Any dancer can become a great dancer once they become crystal clear on their motivation and determination.


Practice makes perfect and there’s really no way around it. If you want to hone in on your craft, the trait of discipline needs to be by your side at all times. Opting out of other temptations in order to dedicate the time that’s necessary to practicing dance is always a challenge, but it just comes down to setting your priorities straight so you can find the motivation and discipline you need each time to overcome those hurdles.


Ability to Focus

Another essential trait that makes a great dancer is the ability to really focus. Dancing is a crafted skill that comes through much dedication, discipline, motivation, determination, and above all – focus. Like with anything, dancers will experience good days and bad days. There will be days when you feel as though you’ve reached beyond your limits under a mountain of exhaustion, frustration, and pressure. On those inevitable days, being able to re-center your thoughts back into focus is what often sets apart a dancer from a great dancer.

Spatial Awareness

With the world as your stage, dancers must have the ability to be spatially aware of both their body and their surroundings. Being spatially aware means that you can flutter about the stage knowing precisely how to use your space, how to avoid bumping into other dancers, or how to simply not be in the way. With this trait, you have a natural ability to move upstage, downstage, right or left and be aware of your body movements amidst the space around you.



When you think of dance, does it excite you? Do you enjoy practicing it, learning it and watching great dancers perform on your free time? Dancing will always require hard work, but if you aren’t feeling enthusiasm towards it then hard work may only take you so far. Without the passion and excitement behind your dancing, you may never reach that certain level of greatness because dancing needs that emotion behind it.


If you love to dance and you possess some of these key traits, rest assured that you just might have what it takes to become a great dancer.  And when you’re ready to get started in pursuing your dancing dreams, reach out to us, or check out our line up of classes that are offered here at the Greta Leeming Studio of Dance.