5 Healthy After-School Snacks

Being active is only part of a healthy lifestyle. A big contributor to a healthy lifestyle is eating proper and healthy food as often as possible. But with school, dance classes, sporting commitments and playing with friends, how do you find the time to eat healthy? It’s convenient to eat chips or a chocolate-infused treats when hunger calls, but it’s not good practice for you or your little ones. A great way to start is by introducing healthy snacks when the kids get home from school. Here are five healthy after-school snack ideas that you should consider putting into your routine.

Apple Bagels

A key to enticing children to eating healthy snacks is to make them readily available and easy to grab and go. An easy prep snack is apple bagels, which isn’t actually a bagel at all. Cut the core out of an apple and slice the apple into circles so you are left with apple slices with a hole in the middle. Drizzle caramel or berry jam over the face of the apple slice and put raisins or dried cranberries in the sauce of choice. Voila! A healthy easy grab and go snack!

Trail Mix, with a Treat!

Make your own trail mix at home in big batches so you can add what you like and get a good stock pile for when you need a grab-and-go snack for after school-activities on the road. Don’t forget to add a little chocolate to the mix so your kids can be excited when they go for a handful!

Make your Own Potato Chips

There may be nothing more satisfying than opening a bag of chips and sitting down to devour them. But try not to let your children get into that habit. Make your own chips at home! Get some russet potatoes and slice them thinly. Sprinkle them with salt and bake them in the oven for 15 minutes and let them cool. Voila! Delicious and healthy chips for your kiddies.

Cucumber Boats

Before your kids get home spend some time hollowing out some baby cucumbers and filling them with your kid’s favourite yogurt. Sprinkle some granola on the yogurt and present them to your kids as cucumber boats! Put a little extra effort into it by adding a sail using toothpicks.

Magic Wands

Get some pretzel sticks and dip the ends in peanut butter. Lay out some bowls with different toppings to dip the peanut butter end of the pretzel stick in and have your kids gather round for a quick, healthy and easy after-school snack. You can use toppings such as sunflower seeds, shaved chocolate, dried cranberries, raisins, or crushed peanuts.

There are endless possibilities for healthy after-school snacks available. Get creative and see what creations you can come up with!