Tips for Staying Active

4 Tips for Staying Active

Young children seem to have all the energy in the world. It isn’t until we grow up and discover how to be lazy that we develop bad habits of excessive sitting and being constantly inactive. Physical activity is important no matter what your age, and here are some tips for all ages to help you keep up or regain an active lifestyle!

  1. Avoid Screen Time

Modern technology has made it possible for us to be tuned into everything at all times. We have smart TV, smartphones, smart tablets and even smart watches. But isn’t it smarter to get off the couch, turn your screen off and run around a bit? Get your heart rate going and get your blood flowing. This is especially important if you have a desk job where you are required to sit for many hours at a time. Saying “no thank you” to extra time on your smart devices seems like the smartest move you can make!

  1. Find an Active Hobby

Whether it be a group sport, a dance class or a simple commitment to go for a walk every day, finding something that you can designate as your personal hobby will give you the motivation to get active. Group activities are especially motivating because you can feed off the positive energy provided by others around you. Dance classes make for excellent energy for the less sporty because it encourages you to get your body moving while enjoying some great music!

  1. Avoid Certain Snacks

Active living goes hand in hand with healthy eating. If you eat fast food every day you will lack the energy necessary to perform a physical activity to your best potential. The urge to sit and snack is sometimes overwhelming, and it’s important to indulge and reward yourself on occasion! But try to include healthy options more frequently than unhealthy options to give you proper fuel for your activity goals.

  1. Inform Others of Your Active Choices

There is no need to brag on a daily basis, but if you start to tell those around you that you have started a new activity and let them know how much you are enjoying it, their positive reinforcement will act as additional motivation to continue your active lifestyle. It may even encourage a friend or family member to join something themselves! Spread the active life around!

Staying active is a personal choice. No one can make this decision for you. If you want to stay active and feel the benefits healthy living has to offer, make the first step and commit yourself to your goals!