Children at dance camp

10 Reasons Why You Should Attend Dance Camp

Summer camp is just a couple weeks away! Definitely one of our favourite times of year here at the studio, we asked around to give you our top 10 reasons why you should come to summer dance camp.


#1 Learn Many Dance Genres

Summer camp is a great time to learn many dance genres in a short period of time. Especially if you’re new to dance or have only tried one or two styles before, camp is the perfect time to try some new styles to see what you like, and what you don’t like as much. That way, you know exactly what classes to register in for fall!


#2 Make New Friendships

Dance camp isn’t just for competitive dancers! In fact, many of our campers come from outside the studio. Dance camp is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. After all, you’ll be spending a whole week with them dancing and learning new things!


#3 Qualified Dance Teachers

We’re so proud of our team of qualified teachers from around the globe, and dance camp is no different. Staffed by dance teachers and former competitive dancers, your instructors at camp have years of experience under their belt so you’ll only be learning the best. This means less injuries and a more positive, fun camp environment!


#4 Explore Creativity

Dance is one of the best art forms because of how well it allows you to express your creativity with your whole body, and anyone can dance! Our day of dance classes combined with craft time and musical theatre give a broad range of artistic choices to give our campers a well rounded art experience that goes beyond dance.


#5 Great Physical Activity

It’s no secret that dancers are athletes, and with 5 hours of dance classes every single day, it’s no wonder our dance campers come home tired and happy! Dance is great physical activity for all ages (for our teachers, too!)


#6 Gain Confidence

At dance camp we offer daily showtime & games, and have an end-of-week performance for parents to show everyone what we learned at camp that week. Our campers gain confidence with many opportunities to perform in front of their peers, and to see their dance skills progress over the week.


#7 Lifts Your Mood

We’re not sure what lifts our moods more, getting some physical activity or listening to all the great music at camp! Between flying across the room doing jumps, to shaking until you can’t shake anymore, dance camp is a fun and exciting experience that we can’t wait to share.


#8 Chance to Improve Social Skills

Dance is known for fostering communication and expressiveness through movement, and at dance camp we take it one step further. Dance campers get a chance to collaborate with their peers in putting on performances and group activities, both of which help to improve social skills.


#9 Memories That Will Last Forever

Many of the dancers at our studio started off with just one week of dance camp, either returning for camp again the following year or enrolling in year round courses. The light and fun atmosphere at dance camp encourages creativity and creates happy memories to last a lifetime.


#10 Fun!

There’s no doubt about it, dance camp is just pure fun! There’s nowhere else in Ottawa that offers the same range of dance styles, qualified instructors, and other activities. (Sorry parents, we don’t have an adult camp option!)


Experience dance camp for yourself – some space still available! Learn more about dance camp here, or contact the studio to register.