At the culmination of every dance year, GLS puts on a spectacular recital performance to showcase the students amazing talent and skills learned throughout the year.

56th Annual Recital Show Dates

GLS Annual Recital performances scheduled for Friday June 1st, 6:30pm & Saturday June 2nd, 2pm and 7pm.
Tickets sold online beginning in April. Date to be confirmed.

Flowers and refreshments and GLS apparel are available for sale.

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All students have the opportunity to participate in the year end recital. All classes will participate pending adequate class size. Each routine will perform in 2 of the 3 shows. A detailed schedule of each performance and its order is always made available to parents prior to recital tickets going on sale.

There is a main rehearsal/photo day held the Saturday before the recital at Hillcrest High School. There are also additional technical dress rehearsals for lighting and sound either on the Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday of recital week at the Adult High School. A detailed schedule is always made available to parents of all rehearsals with detailed time slots. Due to school regulations, all rehearsals are closed to parents.

A dancers’ participation in recital is optional and by choice. A non-refundable costume payment is due in second term for all participating dance classes. Dance photos and recital tickets are an additional expense. Recital tickets are sold online ($25) for all spectators including dancers. DVDs of all 3 shows are available for purchase.

Children participating in the recital are expected to attend all classes in the second term and all recital rehearsals and performances.

Contact us today for information on upcoming sessions and registration!