Welcome to Greta Leeming Studio of Dance

Greta Leeming Studio of Dance offers premiere dance instruction for students of all ages in Ottawa and the surrounding area. Our exceptional teaching staff provides quality instruction in a healthy learning environment. Dancers can develop lifetime friendships and gain confidence all the while learning the art of dance.

Whether this is your first pair of dance shoes or you’re dusting off your old ones, GLS has the perfect class for you!


Registration still open for SOME classes.

ADULT drop-in classes available. See fall schedule on register page.

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN for our March Break Dance Camp!

A dancer striking a pose


  • Greta Leeming Studio was the safe and secure second home for my three children from their first steps to graduation. The studio continuously offered my kids a positive learning environment as well as a safe place to develop life skills that are now carrying them through their future years. The GLS staff are such strong role models in teaching, correcting, directing, empowering and encouraging all students to do their best.

    Liz Kennedy, Parent
  • Starting out as a very shy and introverted child, my daughter has grown into a confident young lady, which I attribute, in large part, to the quality of teachers at GLS. I entrust her care and well-being to the amazing GLS teachers and am so thankful for the time and attention they give, not only my daughter, but each student. The lessons she is taught daily go far beyond dance and if you are considering dance for your child, this is the right studio!

    Lisa Hogervorst, Parent

Everyone is Welcome!

There is no previous experience necessary to take a dance class at Greta Leeming Studio. it’s never too late to join, all it takes is a passion for the art and a willingness to learn. Don’t let age or inexperience hold you back!

Watch as skills learned and nurtured through dance positively translate to other areas of life. Dance instills confidence, discipline, composure, teamwork, and perseverance.

Dancing provides you with a total body workout that you don’t even realize you’re getting! It’s fun to dance and move your body, and once you start taking classes you will discover how easy it is to let your body lead you through the music, let loose, and have fun!

Greta Leeming offers classes in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip-Hop, and Lyrical/Contemporary. We accept students from the age of two years to adults with full recreational and competitive programs. We have a wide variety of adult dance classes and some drop-ins available. Our professional year-end recital allows all our dancers to showcase everything they’ve learned through the year in a spectacular performance. Our dance studio also offers seasonal dance camps during March Break and over the summer.

Nurture your existing talent or ignite a new passion you never knew you had. It’s never too early or too late to start to dance. What are you waiting for?

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